Strategic Social Media Management

 All about long-term online brand building

A supreme mixture of art and online marketing

When it comes to long-term, digital brand building we value two main things: The presence and the awareness.

Presence is not only about being up-to-date, it’s about creating unique content, putting your brand in her well-deserved spotlight. About showing all the magnificent things that a brand has to offer while maintaining a subtile form of communication. This is a balance that, when achieved, feels like a form of art on its own. We strive towards this by delivering unique, sophisticated video- & photo productions tailored to our campaign objectives.

 When it comes to awareness people suspect that we talk about “being seen” by as many people as possible. While this is partially correct, we like to turn around the perspective. When building on online awareness, we focus not on how many people view our page directly, but on how people view the page. Because we’ve learned that this is where the key to online succes is hidden. In “making an offer people can’t refuse”, in capitalising on people’s behaviours and desires. Because when enough people see the value of the things that you put out, they will share it, interact with it and the positive results will be a part of the “snowball effect” in and of itself.