Meet us

A team of result driven dedicated skilled individuals

At Chester Media, we’re not just a social media marketing agency; we’re visionaries and creators. Our mission is to transform luxury brands into extraordinary online experiences and create a digital presence that leaves an indelible mark.

Back to the roots - Colin Chester Faas

Where it all began? 

A passion for being in, on and around the water is something I’ve developed by being an avid sailor since I was eight years of age.

As I grew up, the urge to learn the principles of business and to start my own grew exponentially. That’s when I started looking at the big picture: How could I add proper value to an industry I’m so passionate about? 


Growing up in a digitalizing world I decided to go all-in on learning about growing a luxury brand on social media. Because why stick to one industry if a skill reaches way further than that.

Colin Chester Faas, the founder of Chester Media, thinking about a new social media strategy on a boat

Where are we heading?

One clear mission

To harness the digital realm’s potential and transform brands into timeless legends. We don’t settle for the ordinary or the expected. We’re here to defy conventions and craft unique narratives that resonate with your audience. We believe that a strong online presence is more than just clicks and views; it’s about crafting stories that inspire, engage, and drive lasting connections.

The ultimate vision

We’re on our way to change the way digital marketing is done by bringing revolutionary ideas to the table, converting this into groundbreaking results while displaying the true elegance of luxury brands