Venegy Yachts

“The yacht of the future”

The ultimate goal

Explosive organic growth?

Just before the boating season began, we started a social media campaign where the focus was on explosive growth.

We approached this by having a high posting frequency, combined with making use of existing audiences of other accounts by reaching out to pages with a big following.

By combining these things with the right strategy we managed to skyrocket the brands reach. We also learned the importance of regularly providing your audience with new content. After we managed to get a few posts to perform well organically, we started utalizing payed ads to gain more traffic out of the well performing posts. Which resulted in even more awareness.

Main improvements

Stronger online brand image, more reach and professionalized content


What will “The yacht of the future” bring us?

The upcoming period we’ll focus on telling the story. Telling the story behind how Venegy Yachts went from building custom classic boats to building a highly developed luxury tender. Stay tuned for more!

“Legacy unleashed”

Telling the story of how classic craftmanship evolved in cutting-edge luxury