Van Vossen Tenders

“Uniting a robust community”

The ultimate goal

Impactful strategies matter?

During summer of 2023, we started another social media campaign, but this time with the goal to structurise and grow the different existing channels.



What we found is the importance of standing out, where a boat is very popular, you need exciting colors, stunning materials and extraordinary features to grab your viewers attention.



This, in combination with footage that the audience really wants to see, resulted in tens of thousands of people reached, close to 100.000 impressions, increased following and higher engagement then ever before. 



All this, in just over a month. Seeing that the published content is being well received by the community that you’re buildingon, is where it’s all about at the end of the day. And that’s something that makes us happy. 

Main improvements

Engaging community, growing reach, strong online visuals

Welding the key components

Looking forward, we strive to go in depth on the brand. We want to give back to the community of brand enthousiasts by showcasing what features, building techniques and customisations make a Van Vossen suitable for every person, environment and behaviour.

“Firm foundation”

Molding a solid, robust building method into a bright future of digitalization