Gagliotta Europe

“La Vita di Gagliotta”

The ultimate goal

Social media for the long term?

We started our journey with Gagliotta Europe.
The initial goal was to make a brand that’s famous within Italy, also very well known globally and in the rest of Europe.
We started off with a campaign leading up to the Düsseldorf boatshow 2023 to get as much awareness for the brand itself, and their presence at the boatshow.

That’s where we immediately saw results of people referring to our recent posts.
After that, the focus shifted more to transcending what the brand stands for by showing the building process, the Italian Lifestyle, and the craftmanship that the boats offer. As a result we gathered a community of boat enthousiasts, people in love with the Italian lifestyle and we proceeded building on the brand.
Almost a year later, we created consistent results, high engagement and lots of positive reactions.

Main improvements

International brand awareness, creation of passionates, increased discoverability

A conversion forecast?

Currently we’re working on leveraging the audience and the awareness that we built by converting them into tangible leads. With several boatshows coming up we are sharpening up our approach by setting out result-based campaigns. We’ll keep you updated!

“Revived elegance”

How 70+ years of shipbuilding is being brought to life by creating a lifestyle