Cooper Yacht

“The story behind a family tender””

The ultimate goal

Impactful strategies matter?

In summer of 2023 we set sail on our journey with Cooper Yacht beginning with building up the foundations when it comes to social media. We set the goals to grow their reach, structurise their posting frequency and professionalize the publications. The way to go here is starting with periodically shooting content of the boats, in this way we showcase what the brand wants to radiate to it’s audience while creating a content buffer. 



Leading up to our first boatshow with Cooper at the Hiswa Te Water we went for gaining reach in the short term by making season-related and trending publications.


Here we saw that only putting out content of the boats in action is indeed suitable for the short term. As soon as boating season came to an and the numbers were dropping we immediately put on our analysation glasses and made up a strategic plan for winter season and we started to set up our approach for the winter.



A perfect timing to show people more of the amazing team, the shipyard and the future developments. In that way we build an audience that’s feeling part of the Cooper community and that stays involved.



Main improvements

Overall visuals, strategic guidance, content campaigns

Telling a story

The upcoming time we plan to make use of storytelling through setting out content campaigns. In this way we highlight different aspects of the brand so that we not only show the audience what the boats offer. But also how the team and the way they work make the brand to what it is today. This also builds the fundament for future lead campaigns in order to optimalize the results.

“Modern spirit”

A modern team of professionals driving a striving brand